Week 42 of Bing wallpapers 1920×1200

long-exposure photograph of firefliesMy favorite wallpaper for this week, fireflies trails in a long exposure photograph. Thousands of little lanterns floating in air.

Bing wallpaper pack 1920×1200 – week 38

seudre river in france landscape bing wallpaper colorful houses wallpaper bing hq wallpapers colorful frog fish wallpaper pear orchard wallpaper mount shasta at night with the milky way above

Have to admit lately the quality of Bing wallpapers have degraded even in full resolution.

This week’s wallpapers aren’t really interesting, we have one for the official beginning of autumn, but still the last one of Mount Shasta with the Milky Way above is the best one. Download the wallpapers by clicking the images.