Windows 7 Ultimate Wallpapers (part 1)

The new batch of wallpapers bundled with the international Windows 7 Beta (build 7048).

Windows 7 HQ Wallpapers

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Part 3 ~~~ Part 4

Author: silfiriel

Part time blogger, always scouting for the perfect desktop background, currently running two blogs one with movie wallpapers and one general for high quality wallpapers.

17 thoughts on “Windows 7 Ultimate Wallpapers (part 1)”

  1. Wow, whatever happened to being greatful…

    Thanks for these! This is one of the few websites that has great high res wallpapers in a nice layout without sending me through a whirlwind of advertisements and other website links.

  2. Thank you very much. This is one of the best comments, the very best actually, I just got up and you made my day.
    On the other hand the first guy was right, this page and few others were loading slow, and not everyone has a high speed broadband internet.

    Thanks again and bye.

  3. u know wt dude? this is fantabulouse…:-D
    which means fabulous+fantastic
    keep it up. and ver user friendly site. like it.

  4. Truly wonderful photos, i like the use of long exposures. keep up the good work. its inspirational to see photos as good as these. Thankyou

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